Monday, September 6, 2010


I feel like a big ball of frustration.
I need a good cry. Naturally, I would just put on Ever After and climb into bed. But it's after 2 am and I can't quite justify that to myself since I actually need to get things done tomorrow.
My next step would be to put on The Weepies, because they are exactly right for listening to when you feel funny.  Unfortunately, that just makes me think about how they have a new CD out and I don't have it since I had to put my emusic account on hold because I am poor.  This step also means I don't have the new Sufjan music (on the plus side, I am going to the Sufjan concert in Austin on Oct. 19, thanks to Jacky and her extra ticket). 
I am semi-consoling myself by streaming the new Weepies on their website.
 (from the Vatican Museum, June 2008)
I do have some pretty great friends, who I am very thankful for.  I probably don't say enough how much I like them. 

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