Tuesday, September 7, 2010

and I want to invite the gypsies to the ball!

Well, I feel better post-Ever After.

Enough about my most weak pia mater.  I wanted to talk about gmail and how awesome it is. Well, everyone knows that (proof).  I tried out the new Priority Inbox feature, and I am a fan so far. Also, if you are a gmail user, you should be sure to go through the Labs every once in a while... I just added one that vastly expands your emoticon options. They remind me of kidpix stamps (man, I miss kidpix. I loved making certain images specifically because they looked cool when you hit the dynamite button).

Speaking of awesome design software, I had to give up and initiate my 30-day trial of Pages today.  I was helping mom create an invitation for dad's pre-launch party and Microsoft Word was giving me palpitations.  My former boss (current mentor/friend) opened my eyes to the wonders of Pages and, as is becoming a sad refrain these days, I cannot afford my own copy.
From NASArobonaut's flickr stream (creative commons)
I just had an "I'm surrounded by nerds" moment. I had heard of a tool called yubnub through a media blog that a friendly acquaintance writes for.  It's basically a command portal that lets you do cool stuff (like a one-step flickr search for photos within creative commons, which is how I found above photo of dad and pals).  But when I googled "yub nub" I found that it also is something else. An Ewok song.
And the robot in the photo is named R2.  Right. I don't have anything against Star Wars (well, I quite like it) but this was an overload for me. (I actually really like Ewoks. I have probably seen the made-for-tv Ewok movie more times than the original series. I have a stuffed one somewhere in my parents' house... I should dig that little guy out). 

Speaking of Star Wars nerds, I recently saw When Harry Met Sally for the first time.  But when I see Carrie Fisher I think of her with a giant machine gun (a la Blues Brothers) rather than as Princess Bunhead.  I really enjoyed WHMS.  It was clever and Billy Crystal's genius made up for the inevitably predictable ending.  What's-her-name wasn't bad, either. Meg Ryan! Right.

Ugh it's 2 again.  I am currently on what I imagine to be the sleeping schedule of an adventurous vampire (more Anne Rice explode-in-the-sun than Stephanie Meyer can't-risk-anyone-see-me-glitter!).

Yes, I just used glitter as a verb.

I have more to say, but since I have lunch plans tomorrow, I should attempt sleep.

I have a beautiful city.  Took this one on the Candace & Eric photo shoot (they are tiny, but you can see them)

I used to be able to stamp my current music with foxytunes, but I can't figure it out so I'll just write it.
Currently listening to The Weepies-I Was Made For Sunny Days (pre-release from their new CD. see previous entry for my laments on this subject).

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  1. I just watched WHMS recently as well! I liked it!

    and Ewoks are amazing.

    and I'm really glad you started posting on your blog again and that you mentioned it on FB or I wouldn't have known that you even had a blog. :D

    (This is Kayla, from HCBC days, if you recall, if you were wondering, if you were creeped out.)