Tuesday, October 5, 2010

various and sundry delights

Listening to: Kate Rusby, Ten

My last post was just so depressingly optimistic.  So this one is just going to be a collection of happy thoughts.

I love music. I love singing.

I made a very delicious dinner today- gouda grilled cheese and sauteed zucchini.

The weather has been simply marvelous.

in the Barn

I got to go out to Winedale on Saturday for the AFTLS performance of Midsummer.  It was the perfectest day (aside from the angry flying insect that had it out for me- 3 days later and I'm sitting here trying NOT to think about how much it itches).

Now listening to: Neko Case, Middle Cyclone
Yeah... my internet connection is slow and I'm uploading pictures.

guest photographer: Isto
I love people. I love living in Austin.

Sunday I had lunch with Joey.  I like him.  It's cool to be friends with your family.

Monday I had dinner with Candace.  I love spending time with her.  I'm going to be a bridesmaid at her wedding in December.

Today I went for a walk around Town Lake with Emilio. We had fun and saw lots of cool stuff.

Then I enjoyed a Pecan Porter and conversation at Dog & Duck with Ania, Sonia and Graham. 

I'm wearing my new cozy sweatshirt with the STS 133 patch.

And now I'm on my way to bed. 

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