Wednesday, October 13, 2010

And we have done very bad Like others who do not know what to buy?

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"the return of the thin white duke"

How? An amazing online concert vault. Do it.

I've had the "To be or not to be" monologue going through my head with strange frequency the past few days.  Perhaps some if it is due to seeing my first live performance of Hamlet the other week.  I've read through it and the conclusions of my ruminations are these:

1. I used to ignore this speech since it is overused and over-quoted.  But it is good.
2. Poor Hamlet, besieged by life and intimidated by death, now lives and dies constantly.

Telephone for Grown-Ups

I know the following is probably a bit heretical, but my brother introduced me to a new game and I can't think of another text I'd like to use right now.  Start with some words that make sense,  run them through a couple languages in google translator, then back to English and see what you get (in this case: Shakespeare-> Yiddish -> Basque -> Icelandic -> Ukrainian -> Spanish -> English)

It didn't turn out as fun as my brother's example, which you can read here.  I'm pretty impressed that the first line stayed almost intact.

To be or not be, that is the question:
"This is the mind to suffer or Nagler
The slings and arrows of cruel fate,
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles
Moreover, according to the last. Die, to sleep
No more - and what I said at the end
and thousands of natives suffering EA
successor of meat - the realization of T '
Devoutli want to be. Die, to sleep
Sleeping, perhaps dreaming. Oh, no friction,
The death of the dream beyond dreams
When we have shuffled of This Mortal Coil
Should make us think. Respect
A good life for so long.
Knut time and progress will be contempt
Th oppressor 'is not no man's land so proud Meli
He despised the torments of love in the arrest of the Torah
Insolence of office and Spurs
worthy of merit and patient "
Kvyetus should have been
With bare Bodkin? Who would fardels
Basic and sweat on the weary life,
After the death of trouble, but something
Unknown City geboren country
No traveler returns, puzzles
And we have done very bad
Like others who do not know what to buy?
Therefore, at some point all of us cowards,
And Hugh resolutionpale cast Sikklyed thinking 'is
Big Pete and time, and business
Note current turn evil
And lose the name of the actor .- softer now!
Fair Ophelia! Ariston nymph
The sins of my head.

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