Thursday, December 3, 2009

Plumbers Can Be Mean, and PW Comes to Austin

When it's cold, I find myself wishing more fervently that whoever put in my showerhead didn't have it out for average-tall people.

average male height, US: 5'9"
average female height, US: 5'4"
me: 5'7 1/2"
showerhead: my eye-level

I asked my apartment complex when I moved in if they would fix it. They said no.

And is it cold. Observe at right tomorrow's Austin forecast, courtesy of
(it says today because it's 12:58. I say it's not today until I wake up)
I'm all for cold weather. But not for shivering in the shower.

So, in my last post I was talking about famous bloggers. I had the chance to see one tonight in person at her book signing at Book People (the best and most wonderful book store).
Ree Drummond (aka the Pioneer Woman) was funny, modest, kind and everything you should expect from the author of such a heartfelt, artful, and all-around pretty great site.

But what really got me was her husband (Marlboro Man, as she refers to him). He was there, quiet and supportive, taking pictures, signing books (yeah...), and I could tell he has a great sense of humor. No wonder she likes him so much.

And now I have a wonderful new cookbook. Watch out, kitchen!

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