Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Skywdds Will Be Skwydds

Hello, world!

I've been thinking for some time now that a wildly popular blog would be just the antidote to my jobless despair. I could get rich and famous, like Perez (I actually don't read celebrity gossip, but I hear he's pretty famous now, interviewing Miss America contestants and all). I could become a fashion icon like our friend Jane (doubtful). Or they could make a movie about me, like Julie (sadly, much as I love Amy Adams, I must say that only half of that movie was any good- and it wasn't her half).
Soooo, in lieu of these things, I will make myself content with creating this thing for my own enjoyment, and perhaps the enjoyment of people who like me (or are like me).

-> My blog title comes from a wonderful children's book collaboration by Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith.
And my dad calls my Skwydd, because I really loved the water as a kid and he has this thing for weird spellings.

Quick rundown on me:
-I'm a senior at UT
-I am utterly at a loss as to whats happening after graduation (though I do plan eventually to go to grad school for library science and work in a public library, encouraging kids to read)
-I really love Shakespeare and performing Shakespeare (caveat: I do not condone this review's poor editing, plot-driven content (can I put in another parenthetical thought here? good. seriously- Cymbeline is complicated and intricate and you may have to work to enjoy it, but if you have a problem with the plot, take it up with Shakespeare), or its cursory references to the actual performance, but they do say nice things about me)
-I am currently rehearsing a play called American Volunteers, written by my friend and co-Shakespearean Johnny Meyer. It's going up in January as a long fringe piece at FronteraFest
-I love music and photography
-I really really love dressing up (see photo above, halloween 09)
-I adore my family (I'm the oldest of five)
-I like hyperlinks - the internet fascinates me

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The amazing Avett Brothers at ACL this year.

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